Rental Equipment Availability

Our automated systems will automatically adjust our website so that only available equipment is shown to customers during booking, so in almost all cases (other than where another customer returns a damaged item unexpectedly, or where we have recently received a booking from an offline channel such as a hotel calling us directly), our website in almost all cases will show the accurate number of items we have available for rent.

Please note: while we will make every effort to respond promptly to orders through our website, orders placed the same day as the item is required may not be able to be delivered same day.   Where this is not possible, we will deliver the next day and reduce any rental charges accordingly.

If you need absolute surety about equipment availability at a specific time/date, please contact us at prior to booking.


Equipment Images

All images shown on our website are for display purposes and actual equipment delivered may differ slightly in appearance (colour and shape/design). All equipment will function as described.



Payment may be made via PayPal or via Credit Card.   Credit Card payment may be effected via PayPal (look out for the VISA or MASTERCARD logo’s during PayPal payment to pay via Credit Card without a PayPal account) or via Credit Card directly through our website when this is introduced in mid April 2015.


Orders are not considered confirmed unless payment has been made. PayPal specifically requires you to leave our website and pay on PayPal’s site, so our order system in some cases is unable to establish if payment was completed, but will send you a booking confirmation even if you do not complete payment via Paypal, however unless payment is received, we will not consider the booking confirmed, and we will take no action to procure or arrange your baby equipment.


Return of deposit funds

No matter how many items you rent from us, the Maximum deposit paid is $250 – beyond this, we do not increase the required deposit.  For PayPal payments, deposit payments will be returned to you via PayPal upon successful pickup of all equipment, and inspection to ensure the item is returned to us in full working order and undamaged, and cleaned other than normal wear and tear (minor scratches / scuffs).   Deposits returned to your Credit Card may take up to 7 days for your bank to return funds to your account or show up in your internet banking.

Deposit funds may be withheld from return where equipment is damaged.   Funds withheld may be up to the full value of the total deposit (even where this relates to multiple hire items) or the value of replacing an item damaged beyond repair, whichever is the lesser, even if only a single item is damaged.


Cleaning of returned equipment

Where an item is returned to us in very dirty or soiled condition, we may deduct the cost of specialist cleaning if significant stains or other marks can not be removed via our standard cleaning process.   In the case or equipment returned uncleaned but otherwise undamaged, we may deduct a $10 cleaning fee.

The above terms and conditions apply in the case of significant problems only – where equipment is returned to us clean, and in working order, your deposit will be returned in full (less bank fees).


Long Stay discount

For rental periods of >7 and <15 days, we offer a 10% discount on equipment rental fees only (not on deposit taken or delivery / airport transport fees).

For stays >14 days we offer a 20% discount on equipment rental fees only (not on deposit taken or delivery / airport transport fees).


Refunds and Return of Hire Fees

In the unlikely event that a product becomes unavailable due to previous hire damage or other reasons, Bali Bubs will use best efforts to immediately purchase or locate a replacement hire item ready for you booking.   Should we be unable to do so, we will immediately contact you to discuss a refund or we will attempt to rent an item on your behalf through another supplier.   In this unlikely situation, you may cancel your order in full with us, and in this case receive a full refund – should you choose to do so.


Pickup and Delivery of Equipment

Unless you unselected this option during booking, we will deliver equipment to your hotel in the location you chose in our online booking forms, before 4pm on your day of arrival, and pickup before 12pm on your day of departure.   We ask that you notify your hotel of this pickup and delivery so that they are expecting us.

We ask that you carefully inspect the equipment upon arrival to ensure your satisfaction with its quality and operation, and contact us if you feel there are any problems.   Delivery and pickup fees to your hotel are calculated automatically, and displayed as part of our online booking process.


Use of the equipment

We will provide you verbal or written guidance on any important features of the equipment if required to ensure it’s effective use.    We ask that you do not force the operation of the equipment if it is not working smoothly or as you expect, or if you are having difficulty, and instead get in touch with us.  We will be pleased to offer over the phone assistance in how the equipment should be used.


Limitation of Liability

Bali Bubs is providing you with the rental equipment “as is”, and without any warranties or guarantees as to quality, safety, or fitness for purpose. You understand and recognise that this is not brand new equipment, and that the equipment was not manufactured by Bali Bubs, and so Bali Bubs can not be liable for its performance during the rental.  Upon arrival and receipt of the equipments, you should inspect the equipment and satisfy yourself that you are willing to proceed with the rental on this basis.

Bali Bubs is not liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damage, liability, injury, harm or loss of income that may arise from your rental or use of any equipment, or failure of the equipment during the rental period, or take up of any service from Bali Bubs.


Acceptance of these terms

In choosing to rent with us, or take up any of our services, you are accepting these terms and conditions.


Bali Bubs is a trading name of UD Bali Bubs (NPWP. 98.260.737.6-902.000) of Jl Beji Ayu No. 11, Seminyak, Bali 80361 – hereafter referred to as “Bali Bubs”.   All orders, bookings or services arranged via Bali Bubs will be subject to the following terms and conditions.